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Tolerated upgrades

- Open range: M120 = 400FPS

- Sniper: Within the limits of the law
  (no engagement within 20m).

- CQB: M100 =  335FPS


Protective gear

- Eye and mouth protection must resist point-blank impact
 of ammunition from weapons in use.

- This will be tested before any engagement is allowed.

- Players without protection not compliant to regulation
  will be excluded.

- Full body clothing and gloves are highly recommended.  

 Weapon safety

- All weapons must be unloaded and safed during non-gametime.

- Testing and ”fun-fire” is only allowed during non-gametime in for
  this purpose designated areas.

- Players that are ”shot-out” may not fire their weapons while
  waiting for ”game over”.


Safe zone

- Safe-zone must be placed out of reach from firing from combat-zone.

- Absolutely no fire is allowed from the safe-zone during game!



- Game can not commence until ALL players are ready and agree
  to rules of engagement.

- Gameleaders must be chosen within each team and game may
  only be started by them.

- Any player may at any time interrupt a game when safety of
  players, bystanders, animals or collateral is endangered.

- This is done by loudly proclaiming ”GAME OVER”.

- When ”game over” is proclaimed every player must respond and confirm this.

- Weapons must immedeately be unloaded and safed when
  ”game over” is proclaimed.


General rules of engagement

- Main reference is ”One shot, one kill”.
  (Abbreviation to this rule is when ”medics” are included in scenarios.)

- This is to ensure ”fair-play” between upgraded and non-upgraded
  hardware and to balance the equilibrium of realism of the
  performance of the weapons to player sensibility.

- Bayonette (touch by weapon) and knife kill (touch by hand) are included to this.

- Grenade kill is achieved by throwing agreedupon object into facility in question

- wiping out all activity within (bunker, room or other form of closed cover).

- Players are expected to show ”good-will, common sense and fair play”.

- Acknowlegment of hit by player is made audiable and by raising weapon
  overhead and walking to safe-zone with weapon overhead.

- ”Shot-out” players must unload and safe their weapons and they are not
  allowed to fire for any reason while waiting for ”game over”.

- In scenarios where ”lying corpse” is required player will ”die” on the spot.

- (Dead men tell no tales !!!!!)


Rules for ”playing dead”:

- Corpses may be fired upon from regulated engagement ranges.

- To confirm death ”hand to hand” bayonette or knife engagement is allowed and
  if player has been ”playing dead” player must accknowlage this when engaged.

Snipers may not engage corpses!!!

- Re-spawn in games like ”skirmish” or ”endurance” can only occur in areas designated for this.

- Safe-zone may not be used for re-spawn to ensure safety.

- Re-spawn zone must be placed out of range from safe-zone and gamearea
  so that re-spawning players can join safely.


Ranges of engagement

- Non upgraded weapons may engage at ranges 3m+.

- Upgrades M100-M120 5m+.

- Upgrades M120+ 10m+.

- Engagement at ranges closer than the forementioned ones are audiable or
  hand to hand and the first one to engage is the winner.

- For CQB see separate clause.

- Snipers regardless of upgrade may not engage at ranges less than 20m unless
  using backup equivalent to normal weaponry.

- In open range combat HEADSHOTS are ALLOWED.

- In CQB upgrades over M100 are not allowed.

- Protective gear in CQB must give complete protection from point-blank fire
  because this is allowed to maintain mood.


Point of aim

- The only restriction to point of aim is head-shot at close range.

- However, protective gear must resist this in case of accidental occurances.


- The medic rule allows wounds to limbs from one-shot hits.

- These must be attended to by medic before player can continue moving.

- Hits to torso, head or multiple hits to limbs are excluded and are considered ”lethal”.



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