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The History of RRP

The foundation of RRP was concieved in 1999 by Elbling bringing airsoft to the
attention of Taksi and Ayatolla. During –99 and –00 economy and hesitance
only resulted in limited springer based activity, never gaining popularity
amongst potential team members.

However, in November –00 Taksi took to action and brought in the first AEG.
This immediately escalated
the intrest in airsoft since the performance of the
weapon exceeded all expectations. Cheaper, cooler, less messy and much
more fun than paint-ball. Next to acquire an AEG was Elbling.

Early activities in –99 consisted of trials between Taksi, Elbling, Hustler and
Gaby showing airsoft to be the perfect leasure activity. In the beginning
some members thought they could resist with springers (boy where they wrong).

January –01 witnessed the birth of KIA soon to be renamed to RRP with members
such as Ayatolla, Välkky, Hustler and many more getting their hands on AEG:s.

The summer –01 the active member count was 10, hang-arounds 4 and drop-ins 15.
RokenRol Perkele(RRP) as teamname was finally established in September –01 after
a long time of indesicion within the ranks.

Drop ins number to approximately 15 with people from Sweden, the Ukraine,
Brazil, Germany, Finland and Lebanon to name a few...

Backgrounds vary from students with no experience to Finnish-trained Archipelago
rangers aging from 18 to 31. RRP has developed to a team concentrating to milsim
airsoftgaming in terrain over larger areas as a well coordinated group.

Our main aspiration is to have fun amongst friends and enjoy a good days airsoft playing.

A usual RRP gameday consists of gathering at 10:00 Saturday morning for
transport to location, 10:30 setup at location, 11:00 to 17:00 gaming and
at around 17:30 transport home. So far the trackrecord is 3 Saturdays
gaming out of 4 possible.

An other common event is our trips to Finland. We've been over so far 3 times, -02, -03 and -04.
This is an appreciated happening so we will probably continue with this.

Rain or snow is no obstacle for a days gaming. However when the temperature
goes below –15 °C the normal AEG doesnt perform well and there is an
increased risk for damage to moving parts.



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